Tornado And Storm Shelters Ensure Your Family Is Protected

Oklahoma has a region called the Tornado Alley and receives over 50 tornadoes every year between the months of March and June. Tulsa, in addition, is also subject to severe thunderstorms, besides the freak wind shows called tornadoes. The weather conditions make it almost imperative for people living in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to go in their underground tornado shelters to remain safe during the events.

Most tornado shelters in Oklahoma are built underground or in basements. These shelters can also be built into a garage or on a patio. They can be small closet type shelters or those that are a large safe room, that a family will feel comfortable in, during the few hours they have to occupy them. Storm shelters in Tulsa can also keep a family nice and cosy while severe storms rage outside the home. It is always possible to be safe from storms and tornadoes when you are inside a home, but shelters provide an additional guarantee of safety, even in the worst of conditions.

Underground tornado shelters can be buried in a backyard and covered over, so that they never take away space from the yard, except for the area that needs to be kept clear for the entrance. There are firms in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, who will inspect your property and suggest the best location for your shelter. They will also create an underground shelter or help you to stock up a shelter built in any other area in the home.

Shelters have to be able to sustain a family in them for a few hours and must be comfortable, have the minimal furniture, water, some food and electricity or lanterns and torches. It is essential that every member of the family be familiar with getting into shelters and action to be taken when tornadoes or storms are expected. It is a good idea to practice using these shelters occasionally so that everyone is aware of them and their entry and exit points.

The shelters must contain basic necessities, water, flashlights, blankets and any other things you may consider necessary. It is important that these supplies be constantly inspected and kept in the best of condition, especially prior to the tornado season. It can do no harm to have an entertinment system to help you while away the time, though it is more than likely that you will lose internet and cable connections during a storm or tornado. Music systems, books, and board games can help to pass the time, when you are forced to remain in the shelter.

Food items must be replaced and kept fresh, as must water. Cells in flashlights must be constantly checked and you must make sure that the shelter does not allow rain water from storms to enter. Tornado shelters Oklahoma or storm shelters Tulsa must be places that you are comfortable in for the few hours that you will need to use them to stay protected from the vagaries of the weather. They can be lifesavers and promote security and safety for your family.